• Custom Pizzarottis

Taste the Quality for yourself!

A New Way To Do Pizza!

Have you ever wished that your favourite pizza could fit in a doughy pocket and not explode?

We have! That's why for ages the research team here at Pizza Joint has been experimenting with the perfect amount of toppings to be contained within their doughy prison.

with marinara dip

Want to customize your Pizzarotti?

Use the list bellow to make your own custom creation. Our research team has determined that the safest amount of toppings is one meat topping and two veggie toppings. Any more and we may have an explosion of flavour, and a rather large mess in our ovens, to take care of, thus resulting in a delay in the preparedness of your food.

Fresh Toppings

Meat Toppings


Ground Beef

Hot Cappicollo

Genoa Salami

Canadian Ham

Italian Sausage


Veggie Toppings

Dole Pineapple

Fresh Mushrooms

Crisp Green Peppers

Green & Black Olives

Hot Banana Peppers

Sliced Tomatoes

Spanish Onions